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Founded in 1990,Ningbo Xihan Tin Solder Co., Ltd. lies on Jiangbei Investment Pioneering of Ningbo city, China. Our company has specialized in manufacturing and trading solder wires, bars, flux and miscellaneous products since 1990 with more than 7000 m2 factory.
Our company mainly produces various kinds of tin solder wires, solder bars, fluxes, scruff reducing agent, PCB board cleaning agent, hot melt substance, lead-free solder, etc., which are widely being used in IT, electronics, telecommunication, machinery, instrument, aviation and aerospace, light-products manufacturing and other industries or fields. They are popularly sold not only across China, but also in European and USA, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Hong Kong&Tai Wan areas.
With advanced tin solder equipments, complete means for physical and chemical detection, a strict system for quality control, excellent technique and technology for formula, and perfect production procedure, it has the capacity of 2,500 tons of solder and 1,500 tons of flux yearly.According to the globalize environmental protection tendency and meet the EU "RoHS" directives which has developed series of lead-free solder products, with purpose of enhancing our customers to pass the newly coming environmental standards. Our customer principle: The customer is God , trustworthy serves; Create value for the customer.
Our company principle: Quantity is root , the technology is gold; Let the employees participate the plant's management in each part. Let the customer satisfy our products.
Our company will provide good products for our customers with the efficiently thoughtful service, and we wish that clients who have used our "XIHAN" solder would consequently reap both in economic benefit and quality of their own produce.